Christmas Disney: deprived of cinemas, the film Avalonia is revealed in an extraordinary new trailer

Christmas Disney: deprived of cinemas, the film Avalonia is revealed in an extraordinary new trailer

The must-watch Disney Christmas movie this year is called Avalonia: The Strange Journey. If it will not be released in theaters in France, it will be available on the Disney+ platform. Check out the trailer for this great family adventure.

The Madrigal d’Encanto family delighted young and old at the end of 2021, it’s the turn of the Clade family to delight the public for Christmas this year. Avalonia, the strange journey is the Disney film to discover during the holiday season.

Private movie theater in France, Avalonia, the strange journey will be released directly on the Disney+ platform. This controversial move on the part of the firm was made because of the media timeline that governs French releases. This is in any case the reason that had been invoked by Hélène Etzi, President France of Disney, to the Echoes.

The new media timeline requires Disney to wait 17 months after the theatrical release of one of its films before being able to offer it on Disney+, only for 5 months, since the free-to-air channels recover the rights for a period of 14-month exclusive broadcast before the film returns to the Disney+ catalog, 36 months after its theatrical release.

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The French will therefore not be able to discover the Disney Christmas film on the big screen, unlike the rest of the world, who will be able to see the film in cinemas from November 23rd. For the moment, Disney+ France has not yet communicated a date of posting on the platform, but we can hope that it will be the same date or that it is close to it.

Still, an official trailer has been unveiled and it reveals a little more about the plot of this animated film. Co-directed by Don Hall (Raya and the Last Dragon, Vaiana, Legend at World’s End) and Qui Nguyen, Avalonia, the strange journey follows the adventure of the Clade family, legendary explorers, on the land of Avalonia, populated by fantastic creatures. Disputes between family members could unfortunately cause this mission, the most important of their lives, to fail.

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Avalonia is an adventure story in a strange world but also a story of family reunion and sharing, values ​​dear to Disney, which is increasingly open to inclusion and diversity. And this new Christmas movie is no exception, as one of its main heroes, Ethan Clade, is the very first hero in an openly gay Disney animated film.

On the voice casting side, we find actors and actresses Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jaboukie Young-White, Gabrielle Union and Lucy Liu. Avalonia’s music is composed by Henry Jackman, who has already worked on the music for Wreck-It Ralph.

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