Chistophe Dechavanne father of 3 children: who are the mothers of Pauline, Paul-Henri and Ninon?

Chistophe Dechavanne father of 3 children: who are the mothers of Pauline, Paul-Henri and Ninon?

Pauline’s father (born in 1987, fruit of his love with the producer Mary Genestdirector of entertainment and magazines at FremantleMedia France), Paul-Henri (born in 1990 as a result of his relationship with a woman named Isabella) and Ninon (born in 1998, from his love with the actress Manon Saidani who notably played in els cult series Hello Musculars, Le Club Dorothée, First Kisses, The Girls Next Door and The college years and the holidays of love), Christophe Dechavanne has always voluntarily remained very discreet about his children, for fear of media overexposure which could be harmful for their future.

Being the child of someone famous, it’s not easy for anyone. Twenty years ago, I enrolled my children in school under another name because they were tired of hearing every morning ‘Hello, it’s us!’. A child is never happier than when he looks like others“, had thus entrusted the host to Current wife in 2018.”It’s a little irritating for the children to have a famous father because the way they look at me is not like any other. I think that children are never happier than when they are, precisely, like the others“, he also told Teknikart in 2015.

If Pauline and Paul-Henri have always remained in the shadows, his youngest daughter, Ninon, had decided to reveal the secrets of their father-daughter relationship in 2018 in the columns of the magazine Gala. If she admitted that they had in common”a hyperactive character, and difficulty concentrating (…) but also a form of empathy towards others“, she also confided the dream of her life: to become an actress. A wish that does not really please her dad.

My father doesn’t really want me to be an actress, but it’s my vocation“, she had nevertheless assured, thus proving her determination and her strong character. As a reminder, Ninon took theater lessons at the Claude-Mathieu school in the 18th arrondissement of the capital and was preparing for the the free class of the famous Cours Florent in 2018.

Regarding his children, the companion of Elena Foïs has only one desire: that they each do what makes them “happy“.”The rest I don’t care“, he confided to Current wife in 2017. Happy grandfather, his eldest daughter became the mother of a little girl named Jeanne born on November 15, 2017. In August 2021, she gave birth to a second daughter: Margot.

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