Charlize Theron: this big change of look that will shock her fans (PHOTOS)

Charlize Theron: this big change of look that will shock her fans (PHOTOS)

For the purposes of her roles, Charlize Theron has always liked to radically change her look. On the occasion of a charity event that she organized in Hollywood, the famous actress showed herself in a whole new light, at the risk of shocking her fans.

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Some may have forgotten it, but Charlize Theron began his career completely transformed, with his role in Monster. Suddenly, the changes of look, at home, it’s a habit. In the trailer for The School for Good and Evil, coming to Netflix, she totally changed her appearance. In front of the movie Scandalher own mother might have had trouble recognizing her (the behind the scenes of his incredible metamorphosis). The actress who said do not have “no desire to make concessions, likes to play with his image. She has already shared a photo of her as a child to show… that she hadn’t changed at all. But she also had fun sharing a terrible makeup accident to her fans. In short, the looks, the appearances, at Charlize Theron, it’s a bit like the roles in films: dozens of different since the beginning of her career. And it doesn’t seem to be stopping!

A charity red carpet

Saturday June 11, the actress (who had shown herself blooming surrounded by her two children) organized an event that is particularly close to his heart: the “Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project 2022”. Either a charity evening to finance his foundation, nicknamed CTAOP, which helps children in Africa by trying to protect them from the ravages of AIDS. The organization clearly recalls it on its site, nearly 38 million people are currently infected with HIV and 8 million would not even know it. Two thirds of these patients live in South Africa, country of origin of Charlize Theron. To support the CTAOP, Charlize Theron organizes an event in Hollywood every year to bring together personalities who are committed to its side.

New fit, new color

It is in this context that Charlize Theron appeared transformed, with a new haircut and a new color! Several personalities crowded alongside him on the red carpet of the event, located in Universal City, a property belonging to the Hollywood studio of the same name. To find out what Charlize Theron (who is currently filming in The Old Guard 2 for Netflix), and to see a Bryce Dallas Howard all smiles, a Jeff Goldblum in total golden look and all the other stars, it’s here:

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