Catherine Matausch suffering from cancer: the journalist from France 3 breaks the silence on her illness

Catherine Matausch suffering from cancer: the journalist from France 3 breaks the silence on her illness

France 3 journalist Catherine Matausch has cancer. It was in the columns of “TV Grandes Chaînes” that she broke the silence about her illness.

Catherine Matausch made a shock announcement. In the columns of “TV Grandes Chaînes”, the journalist from France 3 revealed that she had lung cancer. She, who was no longer on the air between March and May 2022, thus revealed the cause. “Life has been complicated for a year and a half. I chained several sick leaves because, among other things, of lung cancer“, she confided in an interview published on June 20. According to her words, her health problems do not, however, prevent her from going well. “I’m fine. I’m better”, she reassured. By speaking, Catherine Matausch, who is usually very discreet, hopes to raise awareness as Jean-Pierre Pernaut was able to do before her. “It’s good to talk about it, as he did. I am talking about it here for the first time. In my case, fortunately, the disease is not at the same stage and was treated in time”she clarified.

If she did not mention the causes of the appearance of her cancer or the details of her recovery, the journalist from France 3 admitted to having experienced a terrible tragedy: the loss of her mother in 2021. “I also had to face his death. I went through moments of great loneliness. An immobile life. It was not fun for me, who needed nature and wanderings…”, she remembered. But that’s not all: during her interview, Catherine Matausch also admitted to having separated from the father of her two daughters, now aged 32 and 30. “LCI had offered me an info slice. A nice offer. I had even signed the contract. It didn’t happen in the end: I was in the middle of a divorce, it was complicated. I chose my children and stability,” she explained.

Catherine Matausch soon to be back on television

By way of conclusion, Catherine Matausch reassured by specifying that she was shooting “a new force from these ordeals“His return to the small screen is also planned for the start of the school year at the controls of the JT de France 3.

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