Audi Q4 E-Tron: a premium electric SUV at a surprising price

Audi Q4 E-Tron: a premium electric SUV at a surprising price

The electric car has definitely entered the era of premium… For those who doubted it, the Audi Q4 is there to testify to an offer that meets the standards of this demanding and complex market at the same time. Certainly, these products do not solve all the problems inherent in this technology, but they provide what it lacked: a qualitative and attractive brand universe. With its Q4, Audi provides an answer that is therefore both premium and also SUV, which remains the most profitable and most demanded segment of the market.

Less austere than a thermal Audi

At first glance, the Q4 looks like any SUV decked out with the rings logo: imposing, muscular bow, raised beltline… 4.59 meters long, it is at the heart of the premium compact segment. Inside, however, Audi has added a layer of modernity with this unstructured dashboard. This gives relief and takes Audi out of the lethargy of its very austere interiors and its ultra-horizontal floorboards. We particularly appreciate this touch screen facing the driver. In addition, the interior atmosphere is in keeping with the standings of the German brand: good acoustic insulation, comfortable seating, generous interior, good viewing height.

And in keeping with the brand’s tradition, connectivity control and settings remain sophisticated to the extreme. However, we note great efforts on cartographic management in connection with autonomy. The software calculates your route and immediately overlays it with the remaining autonomy and the charging points available on this same route: practical and essential. Audi is getting a little closer to Tesla.

Audi Q4 E-Tron

On the driving side, the Q4 delivers everything expected of an electric car: comfort, torque, power, silence… The shock absorbers are excellent. On the other hand, this SUV may have 350 km of autonomy, but it weighs more than 2 tons. Its autonomy quickly becomes very theoretical as soon as you accelerate.

A tight price…

The Audi Q4 is not only a premium electric SUV, it is the starting point of a real ambition of a brand that had fallen behind in providing a convincing response that lived up to expectations in terms of electro-mobility. From this point of view, the objective has been achieved. Small surprise however… With a call price of 44,750 euros (a tidy sum in absolute value), the Q4 costs only 10,000 euros more than a Renault Zoé or an ID.3, for proportionally more important services.