Android 13 is here in stable version: the deployment begins on smartphones

Android 13 is here in stable version: the deployment begins on smartphones

Google is rolling out Android 13, the new major release. Partner manufacturers will be able to offer the update.

Android 13 // Source: Google

After several months of beta, the update to Android 13 is here. Like every year, Google is taking advantage of the end of summer to launch the deployment of its new major version of Android. The update will be offered first on a few smartphones before quickly expanding.

Compatible smartphones

While many smartphones will be able to benefit from the update to Android 13, Google explicitly mentions the following brands as those who will offer the update in 2022, before the end of the year.

But it’s obviously with the Google Pixel that it all starts. Google smartphones compatible with Android 13 can download the update to Android 13 today. We can confirm that it has been received on a Google Pixel 4a.

Google Pixel 4a Updated to Android 13 Grand
Source: Frandroid

What’s New

We go around all the news in our file dedicated to Android 13. Here are a few things to remember.

Google has added plenty of customization options to the OS including the ability to match non-Google apps, style your theme based on your color and wallpaper. The firm also highlights the possibility of choosing the language of each application, independently of the system, a new version of the media player, and an improvement for the “bedtime” mode.

Android 13 also gets some new features from iOS that were deemed interesting by Apple. We think in particular of the possibility of restricting the access of applications to a selection of your photos. Gone are the days when Slack or Facebook could access your entire library.

The system also strengthens the control of notifications and regularly cleans the clipboard.

And the ecosystem

Android 13 also includes some new features to strengthen the ecosystem of your devices. We think of the possibility of sending and receiving messages from your favorite applications from a Chromebook. The tablets are also improved by Android 13 with better pen management and a new taskbar to manage applications.

If you have a Google Pixel, you can head to the phone’s settings to download and install the update to Android 13. For other brands, we’ll have to wait for communication from each manufacturer, which should arrive soon.

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