After a very difficult divorce, a woman does an extreme makeover: the result is crazy!

Objective 10 years younger, discovered a few years ago on M6, is a program hosted by Cristina Cordula. This program aims to makeover to the extreme various candidates. But what is the purpose of this iconic show? Accompany and transform women who are ready to be relooked! Despite the fact that the show did not last in France, it is good to know that in Great Britain, this show is rather known and appreciated! In “10 years younger in 10 days“, The principle is the same. Women are in the hands of professionals and suffer amazing transformation.

She was 10 years older!

Taryn remains one of the newest women to participate in that makeover show. When she was only 40 years old, this mom decided to participate in the show. And this, since the public thought that this woman had about 9 years older than his age. This represented a key moment in her willingness to participate in a makeover.

We learn later that this woman has been through a difficult divorce, which unfortunately led to a complete loss of confidence in herself. “It definitely took a toll on me physically and emotionally,” she said. declared on Channel 5, during the passage of his episode. We then see that this woman did not see herself in a good light and that she had trouble feeling beautiful. One thing that the show immediately wanted to change.

Upon arriving on set, Taryn seemed closed. And this, both his face and his emotions. She didn’t wear makeup, didn’t comb her hair. Her cut had no structure, and her color was far from uniform. With the will to pull herself together, Taryn hoped that the experts can do something so that she can start a new life. “From the outside, I feel like I look tired, dull, boring. It just doesn’t reflect who I really am.”

An impressive before / after of the woman

At the end of the show, and after many days of work by the professionals, the housewife finally got to see the results. The transformation constitutes a radical change, almost unbelievable! A woman who has not only physically rejuvenated but who has regained her self-confidence.

Taryn participated in the show with a swept-back cut, dyed blonde so there are no longer uneven lengths or color. This young woman wore a gorgeous makeup, with a very beautiful smoky-eyes that made her eyes stand out. In terms of clothing, Taryn wore very elegant clothes, with a very glamorous leather dress.

She was still very surprised: “Wow, that doesn’t even look like me. (…) For the first time in a long time, I like what I see in the mirror”. After this amazing transformation, the woman had, again, to present herself to the public. An audience whose opinion has changed, as they now see her aged around 37 years old instead of 49! A physical improvement and a compliment that is always a pleasure to hear!

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