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Personal Diablo Post*

Hey everyone, how is everything?

Oh how am i? Well, in terms of Diablo, eh not so great.

The recent switch to PS4 from PS3 has me a little buzzed off.

By no means is this anyone else’s fault but my own but i misunderstood how to transfer characters across systems. I was naive and believed they would be stuck to the account somehow, but nope. Ive sold my ps3 (and Diablo 3), bought the ps4 version and the console, threw in my favorite game, mountain dew and Doritos in hand (shattering stereotype i know). Skipped the beautifully crafted cutscenes, as you do. Went to character selection and found that none of my character where there and nope, NONE.

On a lighter note, i did the coolest thing the other day, so me and a couple of friends were going to this fancy event, like, reeeeal fancy. We’re all in our suits, Diablo probably the last thing on our minds, we jump into this beautiful stretch limo¬†and what do we see. A nice big PS3, TV and my mate holding up Diablo 3. Man this sounds nerdy but i was super excited!

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Nope im not dead!

Hey guys sorry for not posting too much recently i’ve been swamped with Uni, work and the new expansion just released for Destiny. Any of you guys play Destiny? It’s an awesome game, i cant understand half of the crap people post about it, its great in all areas. Anyways, i wish i could somehow make this website about both Diablo and Destiny cause i love em probably just the same. The site is still being viewed so don’t be discouraged at the lack of content, im still here listening, ill have a lot of time coming up in the Uni break so ill be posting heaps then. Im really sorry if i’ve disappointed anyone. Okay, until next time. PEACE!

Diablo 4???

People have asked me. Do you think there will be a Diablo 4?

So i’m here to answer them. Personally, NO. Diablo 3 got absolutely slaughtered with its new innovation and lost a whole heap of its fan base from Diablo 1 & 2. So much so that it must terrify any development company from attempting a fourth installment. I say ANY development company because i know for sure it wont be Dev again, no way they could go through that again. I loved Diablo 3 (so much so i made a site about it lol) but many many many people didn’t and i think because of that, Dev got a hard time even though they did make a great game. Obviously the game was going to be ridiculed though, with such a huge fan-base trying anything remotely different is bound to set someone off. Wrapping up my personal view, Diablo 3 will be riddled with expansion after expansion, update after update until it reaches a point where it isn’t worth doing anymore work on… The only plausible scenario whereby Diablo 4 is made is for a blatant cash grab at those who were huge fans of Diablo 3 and those who have stuck with the franchise since its early¬†beginnings.

To sum up my thoughts/predictions are;

  1. Diablo 4 will likely be a cash grab
  2. Will have a new developer
  3. Will be unpolished and lean solely on its release for profit
  4. Will be hated by hardcore fans (much like D3)

Again, i’m no expert this is just how i feel, don’t be mad ;)

Oh and another thing that may deem my point of the “cash-grab” theory relevant is the sudden PS3, PS4, Xbox one and Xbox 360 releases. Why would they do this? Don’t get me wrong i’m glad they did but there is really only one good explanation. The hardcore fans obviously cam from the PC and i know for a fact, hated the idea of console Diablo. Money Money Money is what i’m thinking.

Thanks for listening to my invalid, stupid arguments guys. Be back soon. Need me? Get at me HERE.


Blog Post #1

diablo 3 community


Okay so i know i’m a little late for a Diablo 3 Community page but- the game is still popular and is evolving even still. Here is my first post to settle in. In the future i will be discussing, criticizing, praising, boasting, whining and crying (in an informative way i hope). Hopefully with other Diablo 3 players like yourself. So lets dive right in shall we?:

  • Rift Trials are being removed

The rift trial part of Diablo 3 is end game content which poses a character in a another realm fighting wave after wave after wave after wave after wave (after wave). The idea is; the longer you survive the better rewards you collect, think of it like hardcore mode. On a personal note, i sort of enjoyed Rift trials, why? Because i enjoy grinding, which ****SPOILER**** is pretty much all of what Diablo 3 has to offer.

Okay i’m kidding but really? The reason why they were being removed is because of complaints of it being to tedious of a task for the reward. Doesn’t that scream “i want twice the amazing gear for half the effort!” I get that the game needs to remain fun for a consistent fan-base which in turn generates revenue but making things to easy is not the solution, it just creates another problem. Its this difficulty controversy all over again.

  • Auction House making a come-back?

Some of you love it, most of you hate it. The Auction House rumor has been round since the beginning and it looks like its coming back…. To Asia, apparently Europe and North America wont be getting the Auction House which in my opinion is bloody brilliant! That sort of PAY 2 WIN life just aint’ for me, id rather save my pennies and spend my time working towards something so i can actually be proud of it. Thanks Blizzard.

Thats all for now guys, just wanted to drop a first informative post to show you guys whats up, leave a comment if you want.